ZSH shortcuts

Shortcuts ftw! 😀

  • ctrl + a – move to the beginning of line
  • ctrl + e – move to the end of line
  • option + left arrow – move one word backward
  • option + right arrow – move one word forward
  • ctrl + b – move cursor backward
  • ctrl + f – move cursor forward
  • ctrl + u – clear entire line
  • ctrl + k – delete everything after cursor
  • ctrl + w – delete one word backward

For future reference, of course. There are some other oh-my-zsh shortcuts that may help you.

OSX Newcomer or What The Hell Am I Currently Doing

My laptop turned off a few days ago during an important call and one day before I left for vacation. It’s an old HP Pavilion DV7, it’s suffering some over heat problems that I will not fix. I cannot handle Hangouts calls longer than a few minutes on it. On last Thursday I decided to get a new one, and that’s why I’m an OSX newcomer starting from today. Yeah, I know that I blamed Apple users several times before… But, wtf matter? 😀

After unboxing the new laptop, I activated it, connected to the internet and started to play around. I removed some things from Dock, installed Chrome and Hipchat. On Hipchat I asked a coworker how to install ruby, and I did that through brew – first install brew, then install rbenv and ruby-build and all should be set! One thing to note: It’s damn simple to install new applications.

I needed my personal data, so I put it on a thumb drive and copied things with higher priority – like SSH keys and private stuff – on the new machine. Just needed to fix file permissions, and voila, I was able to checkout work repos.

Sadly some things are missing like dot files and I’m lost about new keyboard shortcuts as well.

I don’t plan to install too much system services here and all my files will be online. Later I’ll explain how to secure online data.

Now I need to fix the MySQL installation as the server did not start here, it’s broken for some weird reason.

Well, two years since last time. Great to see you again, WP dashboard, hope I come back here some more times.

Not too much to say. I’ll put all my efforts on building great things, including software. 🙂

MariaDB/MySQL Security Essentials – Disable System Commands

The recent Cpanel/WHM Restore Account Root Exploit has brought my attention to system commands execution, so let me ask you: do you know that you cannot prevent this behavior? Seriously, there are no documented option to do it and disable system commands execution in standard MySQL client. Well, at least you couldn’t do it until now. Continue reading “MariaDB/MySQL Security Essentials – Disable System Commands”