MariaDB/MySQL Security Essentials: Disable System Commands

The [recent Cpanel/WHM Restore Account Root Exploit]( Cpanel/WHM Restore Account Root Exploit) has brought my attention to system commands execution, so let me ask you: do you know that you **cannot prevent this behavior**? Seriously, there are no documented option to do it and disable system commands execution in standard MySQL client. Well, at least you couldn’t do it until now.

Fix Ruby 1.9 Hash Syntax

Ruby 1.9 hash syntax isn’t new ({ like: “this” }) and some projects are still using the old way. So how do you fix all your project to match the “new” syntax?

Single-Quotes FTW

Use single-quotes whenever you need to pass user input data to a shell script or command, e.g:

Ruby On Rails - Sharing Session with Node.js

I've spent last five or six days working with Node.js, and got a problem: main application was written in Ruby On Rails, and node.js plus Socket.IO just are doing the real time part of it, so how could I access Rails' session data in node.js?

Usando Sequelize para Consumir Models do ActiveRecord